Implant Overdentures

Full and Immediate Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are over-dentures fixed to the gums by implants. For patients with an uncomfortable or loose-fitting denture, stabilizing it with mplants can be a more comfortable and functional solution.

Partial Dentures

A dental prosthesis that replaces all the natural teeth and their associated maxillary and mandibular structures. Also called full denture.

Denture Relines\Rebase

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Denture Repairs

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Dental Hygiene

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A removable partial denture (RPD) is a denture for a partially edentulous patient who desires to have replacement teeth for functional or aesthetic reasons and who cannot have a bridge



Scaling and root planing,  non-surgical periodontal therapy, or deep cleaning, is the process of removing or eliminating the etiologic agents – dental plaque, its products, and calculus – which cause inflammation,thus helping to establish a periodontium that is free of disease.

Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry. Whitening restores natural tooth color and bleaching whitens beyond the natural color.


Tooth Whitening


Mouth Guards

Tooth polishing is the act of smoothing the tooth surface. The purpose of polishing is to make it difficult for plaque to accumulate on the tooth surface area.

Add new material to the surface of a denture that contacts the oral tissue in order to provide a better fitting denture.

Protect your teeth trauma with Pro- Form custom made mouth guards.